3 Tips To Properly Take Care of Your Vape MOD

3 Tips To Properly Take Care of Your Vape MOD

February 20, 2018

Vaping is fun. Vaping is cool. Vaping could never go out of fashion.

All that being said, how is your vape MOD really?

To be frank, many of us don’t know how to properly maintain our devices properly and until we come to terms, it might have been a tad too late. Sometimes, we all vape too much and having a good time becomes a priority over maintaining our vape mods. Do that in the long run and you are looking at a shorter life-span for your vape mod. You sure must have spent some decent amount on procuring a vape mod and must want the thing to run a long time now, don’t you? So, how about making things right and make our MODs better again. 

It's imperative for every vaper to take care of their MODs and ensure that they get the best vaping experience out of them. With a little bit of extra care and maintenance, you too can ensure longevity for your device and its components and this post will tell you three handy tips to make your vape device last long. 

• Cleaning Your MODs at Frequent Intervals

This is the first and foremost rule to taking care of one’s device. Vape mods are easy to use and be taken apart. Machine oil is used to put together the device while it's in production stage which causes dust and dirt to accumulate in your mod. This can get messy if not taken care of properly, therefore it is best to clean your mod on a regular basis to keep it running safely and keep the vaporized fluids pure. You do not need to make any extra purchases for the upkeep of your device. Small things like a micro-fiber towel, Q-tip and rubbing alcohol works just fine to keep your MOD clean and ready to use for any occasion.

• Keeping Track of Your MOD Battery Usage

The key to maintaining a longer life for your vape mod is to charge it in a proper manner. The best way to charge the battery is to make sure you charge the battery before it completely drains out. One additional tip is to charge your battery while its charge is half less the percentage. Also, one should keep an additional spare battery with them always. It helps if you're charging one battery and can use the other.

• Saving Your MOD From The Elements

You can save your vape mod from the elements of nature by ensuring a couple of things. One can buy a protective carrying case for their vape mods. A protective case for your device adds another dimension of safety making it less likely to be broken.The market is filled with all the kinds of protective cases for you to choose from. Also, you should avoid keeping or storing your MOD in hot and humid places. Keeping your device in such places will affect the performance of your device and deteriorate its part in the longer run.

So there you have it, the 3 tips to take care of your MOD for good and for worse. These tips will come in handy for any modder.

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