3 Main Things Your MOD Shouldn't Be Doing

3 Main Things Your MOD Shouldn't Be Doing

February 20, 2018


Are you tired of getting powerless hits from your e-cigarette? Are you ready for something that is going to give you the nicotine hit you need? There is a solution to your problem! MODs are becoming increasingly popular these days because of their steady power, voltage variety, LED screen and customizable options. A MOD can either be purchased ready to go or can be purchased with numerous customizable options. Regardless, both options are popular and will provide enjoyment if used and set up correctly. 

The keywords 'set up correctly'. That brings us to 3 main things that a MOD can possibly do that it shouldn't be doing which can play a role on how your vaping experience using the device goes.

One common issue that occurs with MODs is super tight threads. If the threads are too tight, there'll be no connection to the pin and liquids will not be able to vaporize. Make sure that the pin is in the exact center to prevent this issue from occurring. If you're not careful, you can permanently damage the connection and ruin your MOD entirely. Most MOD distributors will show you how to set yours up and how to prevent this issue from ever happening. 

Next is the dreaded "No Atomizer" or "Check Atomizer" - both common errors that MOD owners receive. This error may be popping up on your screen because of several reasons. The first thing that needs to be performed is a battery check. Are your batteries fairly old? If you've had the same batteries for an extended period of time, consider getting some new ones. The better the brand of batteries, the better off you are. If you purchase a cheap brand, they'll more than likely not last as long; this error will be more frequent. Letting the MOD's battery drain completely can ruin your device because it can cause leakage. The more you let your MOD leak, the less and less strength it'll have. Eventually, the MOD won't work at all and another one will have to be purchased. Also, does your tank have a connection and does the atomizer and MOD have a good resistance match? These are all important things to consider.

Finally, the flavor of your e-juice should be enjoyable. If the flavor has changed and now seems to have a burnt or powdered taste to it, that's a problem. This means that the MOD voltage is too powerful or high. A wick can be damaged by burning if it's exposed to a coil for too long. Before the cotton wick, this issue was very common. Now that cotton wicks aren't being made much, the issue is less common but still does happen. If the drag is sickeningly sweet, check the voltage. If you've checked your voltage and your voltage is where it needs to be, that means that there is more than likely a leak that needs to be fixed. If there's a leak, that means that the O-ring inside of the tank needs to be checked. Make sure that the threading isn't too tight. Also, you wanna check the venting system in the MOD to make sure that's not damaged, because if it is, it can cause leaking in your MOD system as well.

MODs are great to have because they give your vaping experience extended life. They provide awesome convenience and simply make everything a whole lot easier. However, making sure the device is setup correctly to avoid these issues we've talked about today is critical to having that enjoyable vaping experience as a modder.

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