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3 Fuggin Must-Vape Summertime E-Liquids

Posted by David Nadel on

For the best taste-tasted fuggin summertime e-liquids, head over to FugginVapor.com!

These are three top rated delicious, juicy, and sumptuous flavors ready to go out of the vial that will provide you with the taste, brightness, and crispness that is Summer, Summer, Summer Time! Just sit on down and unwind!

Summertime E-Liquid #3: KIWI STRAWBERRY
Fresh Cut Kiwi blended with Sweet tart strawberries, nothing quite like this classic flavor sensation, imagine laying back in your lounge chair during a family BBQ sipping on kiwi-strawberry iced tea unwinding from the daily stressors, chilling, relaxing and enjoying the music, it sure would be double the pleasure and double your fun to take a smooth, crisp, and refreshing puff of the same flavor vapor to match that fizzy-bubbly beverage, wouldn't it? This is the essence of summer, all contained in your favorite vaping device.

Summertime E-Liquid #2: CALI COLADA
The ultimate California beach tropical fruit experience!, just imagine the cool breeze of the pacific ocean on a warm sunny day as you lay back on your beach towel, you have your suntan lotion evenly applied, you are zoning out to some Hawaiian surf guitar jams on your mobile device, you have a exceptionally well made pina colada brought to you by the concierge of the hotel, it tastes good, the sun rays and the ocean waves feel good as they fill the air with the gentle mist of sea salt spray, what better time to whip out your MOD and puff away to the ultimate accompaniment to the overall experience that's all your own, with Cali Colada e-liquid.

Summertime E-Liquid #1: SUMMER SOLSTICE
On the raft, layed out in the pool, staring at the sun with your shades on!, your at the company pool party for the reigning in of summer, everyone looks delightful in their swimsuits, you got yourself a custom raft with a drink holder, it's a company party so it's non-smoking only but that's ok because you brought your vape with you, Summer Solstice e-liquid fills the tank, it has notes of ginger, vanilla, peach, melon and citrus, a masterpiece flavor sensation that precedes the sunset soiree as the boss is happy to be the chef behind the BBQ, business is doing well and couldn't be better, you love your colleagues like a second family and are happy that everyone around you is happy. This is the moment you were waiting for and why you chose Summer Solstice.

These three e-juice choices are sure to be an awesome summertime hit for you vapers out there. Enjoy!

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