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3 Brief Tips To Avoid Overheating Your MOD's Batteries

Posted by David Nadel on

As the popularity of vaping rises, so too does the frequency of incidents. More people are realizing the benefits of vaping, but the responsibility of personal safety can sometimes be glossed over by a false sense of security. As the technology progresses and safety features become more commonplace, vapers may rely too heavily on the regulation of the chips used in their MODs to protect them. We have all seen the graphic images of what can happen when battery safety is neglected, and these incidents can ultimately hurt our industry. In this article, I will provide you with 3 simple tips to avoid overheating your MOD's batteries.
Avoid Overheating MOD Batteries Tip #1: Use A Properly Regulated Charger
One of the easiest mistakes to make is using a charger that doesn’t regulate how quickly a battery charges, or how much charge is given. The chemistry inside these batteries maintains a delicate balance, and charging them too quickly can lead to overheating and poor battery life. Check to be sure not to exceed the milliamps per hour indicated by the manufacturers instructions, and while some heat while charging is normal, if you find your device charging at an unusually fast pace or emitting an amount of heat that’s nearly too hot to touch you are running the risk of compromising this chemical balance, possibly leading to failure when in use. For external batteries only use chargers that regulate charge capacity as they will discontinue charging once capacity is met.

Avoid Overheating MOD Batteries Tip #2: Aim For Power Setting That Fits The Build
We want to push the limits of what our devices can do. Currently I’m running a 200 watt device with Clapton coils rated at .3 ohms. As an experienced user, I know that with this build using anything more than 100 watts is unnecessary. Clapton coils retain a lot of heat, and depending on resistance can take a lot of power to heat up. If your having to push your device to the limit to achieve your desired flavor you may want to consider matching a different build to your device. It’s kind of the same concept with a car, sure they are made to handle the stress of 6000 RPMs but if you run the engine at this rate for too long you’re going to have a bad time.

Avoid Overheating MOD Batteries Tip #3: Don’t Settle For Inferior Batteries
Batteries can be expensive, but perhaps one of the most important steps we can take is ensuring that our batteries are designed to withstand the drain our devices put on them. Be wary of discounted units, as they may not contain the regulatory chip that ensures they don’t drain too quickly. Become familiar with your batteries discharge rate, and don’t exceed it.

Remember when Smokey said that “only you could prevent forest fires”? We built this community through responsible self-regulation and will continue to remain informed, educated, and safe. It is up to you to spread this knowledge throughout our community to protect yourself, your friends, and ultimately the industry we have helped to build.

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