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Center Coils, Huge Clouds, Easy Set Up

Posted by David Nadel on

When it comes to vaping, the term center coil is about as loose of a term as they come. It varies from vaper to vaper what it actually means, but generally its always in the same ballpark.

Sometimes it just means that your using a single coil, centered in the middle of the RDA with cotton going through and around it. However the most common set up you will see go by this name is a little different. It's two coils, equal size and density, on exactly opposite sides of each other. The cotton travels the same way as it would through a single coil, going through the center with plenty of extra fluff on either side of the coil for juice reserves. The place in which you will fasten the wound up coil varies from rig to rig. Sometimes the grounds are on the outer edge of the unit, and the coils face each other in the middle.

The most common setup however is to have the coils fastened along the center of the rig, with the coils opposite each other on either side. The type of wire you use is totally up to the vaper, however there are a few things to keep in mind. Always make sure that the wire your using can withstand the voltage of the battery. The lower the ohms, usually means more vapor, but also requires more power to fire properly.

When picking an e-juice, keep in mind that high nicotine levels can be overwhelming if using a sub ohm set up. If new to the game, try sticking to a 3mg liquid, or 6mg liquid. Some experienced vapors and nicotine fiends alike go higher up the scale, but its all up to personal preference.

Keep in mind that when using a double coil rig, the temperature of the vapor will be much hotter. Many setups compensate for this by giving the coil plenty of airflow. Some sub-ohm tanks have dials that let you change airflow to your preference. If you looking for clouds, this setup is definitely the choice for you. Flavor and enjoyment is a big plus with center coil units, and it requires minimal setup for the benefits you enjoy. Just wire the coils, wick, and go.

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