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MOD Basics: How Does a Series Box MOD Work?

Posted by David Nadel on

The Box MOD has become somewhat of a craze among vapers. With the introduction of these new vaping devices, a lot of education is required in vaping battery safety. It's common for vapers to believe that they understand full-well the different kinds of box MODs out there. So here's just a taste of what you should know about them.

They can be either mechanical or electrical. Electrical box MODs are further divided into parallel and series box MODs. In this article, we'll take a look at series box MODs.

It's crucial to understand the design since the battery orientation is very important when it comes to battery safety. The whole idea of a series box MOD is that the batteries are connected to form a series circuit. This produces a higher voltage but at the expense of battery life. If one battery is removed from the circuit, the whole system ceases to function. The unregulated series allows the vaper to utilize the maximum voltage from the power sources, normally around 8 volts in the case of a full charge

The series system creates what's known as a 'slave and master' system whereby the second battery in the circuit does all the work while the first just remains in place and lets everything happen. It's important to ensure the batteries are of the same age. This ensures that no one particular battery is strained more than the other. Their positions should also be switched with every use. This'll ensure you benefit from the maximum life out of both batteries.

Increasing the voltage means that more power passes through the coil and thus delivering the same kind of results as super sub-ohm. Vapers can also rest assured that the system doesn't allow the batteries to get close to the venting point. The series has the potential to create bigger clouds than the parallel box, although it has a shorter battery life.

So that's why many vapers are turning to the series MOD. However, for first-time vapers, this isn't recommended. You should clearly understand things like Ohms law and battery safety before running an unregulated device. For safety also, you must understand the limits of your 18650 batteries and the coil as well.

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