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Conspiracy of the Century. Does the FDA know that vaping is safer than Peanuts?

Posted by Andrew Gonzalez on

I recently saw this acronym: FDA - Fuggin Dumb Asses. It's so true. Isn't the FDA supposed to be made up of intelligent minds? These people are supposed to keep America safe from harmful products on the US market. Dumb Asses is what we vapers like to call them, but it turns out they're not so dumb after all. There's obviously no logic behind these shenanigans. So lets take a closer look at why this is happening. Ok... I'm done taking a closer look. The answer just hits you like a brown bag of spoiled potatoes; MONEY!!! Everyones thinking it. It's probably one of the biggest conspiracies of the century. The government wants people to die from smoking. It keeps population levels where they want it. It puts BIG MONEY in the pockets of big tobacco and even more money in the pockets of pharmaceutical companies charging up the fuggin ass for the medications smokers have to take before they plop dead. There's more on this list.

There's an even bigger conspiracy. The FDA not only has it out for vapers, they have something against peanuts too. With all these new regulations being imposed, the FDA is essentially killing two elephants with one stone. People, and peanuts. There is currently NO regulation on peanuts. Peanuts are being slaughtered by the millions and there aren't even petitions to save them. How many people eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich everyday? How many people eat french fries made with peanut oil everyday? It's ridiculous. Peanuts are being grinder, crushed, blended, burned, and tortured, and the world turns a blind eye. Oh, it goes much further than that. Many people are allergic to peanuts. It's actually deadly to many that are allergic. Yes, people die from these reactions. So when i say they FDA is killing 2 elephants with one stone, they're killing people and peanuts at the same time. Think about it. It makes sense. But then i thought again. Someone once told me that "peanuts are people too". What the fugg!!! Its mind bottling. The government is on a rampage killing people, peanuts, and who knows who else. 

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