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The Fuggin FDA Ruling & Petition YOU need to sign!

Posted by Andrew Gonzalez on

As most of our fellow vapers have heard already, the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) recent final ruling as it stands will completely change the vaping industry literally overnight starting August 8th 2016. The new rules will deem all vapor ejuice and mods made after 2007 to be classified as a “tobacco product.” We know what you’re thinking, “how can this be? It’s not smoke! It’s vapor!” And you would be correct! It is highly absurd and a clear overreach of the FDA to regulate an industry the same as the tobacco industry when there is no tobacco involved!

Their main argument is the nicotine used in these ejuices and it’s exposure to minors as more teenagers are vaping than picking up a pack of smokes. We have no fuggin problem with an age-restriction of 18 and over only. Most vape shops were already enforcing this age-restriction with the exception of those vape shops who have no problem selling to minors which is wrong and should definitely be held accountable for such reckless business practices.

However to instate a large cost estimated at $1 million dollars PER flavor essentially, for an FDA-approval will wipe out many of the local vape shops across America who have made a living helping others switch from cigarettes to vaping ejuice. Not to mention ejuice manufacturers who have made some real innovations in making some amazing flavors (Pancake Man, we’re looking at you!) and creatively upped the ante of ejuice packaging. This will ALL go away with the new FDA ruling and only make room for wealthy heavy players and new players such as Marlboro.

Tobacco companies have relentlessly lobbied to make ejuice and vaping in general illegal the past few years and when they failed to do so, due to the large increase in vapers, they decided to sway the FDA in essentially resetting the entire vapor market in their favor so that only companies with big pockets could afford to stay or enter the market. They know the wacko tobacco industry is in a steady decline and now they want the vapor market all to themselves with a fresh clean slate so they can write the rules the way they wrote the rules for the tobacco industry for decades.

At Fuggin Vapor Co., we urge you to call, email, fax, tweet and/or personally visit the offices of your local elected government officials and plead for them to take action against this ridiculous FDA ruling. We also ask for all of our Fuggers to sign and share the petition that is 70% completed with the signatures needed to ask the FDA to reconsider their decision on the vaping industry. Otherwise, we are looking at some very dark days ahead in the vaping world.


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