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Lowering the Fuggin Wattage Will Save You Money

Posted by David Nadel on

Many people who are new to the world of vaping can easily become overwhelmed. With all of the devices, modifications, custom coils, tanks, batteries, and different settings for all of them, it's hard to know where to start! And the most common mistake that new and experienced vapers make is burning through e-juice and coils like there's no tomorrow, and letting their cash disappear into thin air.

Most standard, out-of-the-box vapes are not easily customized. Sure, you can change the coil and adjust the airflow, but that's about it. Some vapes are built with customize-able power settings for everyone. These are great, but they usually come with standard atomizers and tanks which don't offer a lot of variety. Most people who begin to enjoy vaping become bored, or decide they would like better flavor and better "smoke" production. A lot of vapers will eventually build their own modified device (MOD) and have complete control over the amount of power (wattage), resistance (OHMs), and overall flavor and feeling of the vapor.

MODs are great for the experienced vaper, but there are many disagreements on how the power should be managed. Some cloud-chasers swear that for optimal settings, you have to use quite a lot of power (wattage) with your mod. This isn't true! Although there may not be a large amount of vapor production with a lower wattage, the flavor will still be great. Also, with a lower wattage, you run less risk of burning your juice and your coil. Burned wick (cotton) doesn't taste very good at all! And those of us who build our own coils know that cotton and wire for our modded coils is NOT CHEAP. But you can avoid burning through your coils and juice by keeping the wattage at a reasonably low level.

Even with pre-built coils and atomizers, keeping a low wattage will extend the life of your device. Coils that you buy from the store/online are even more expensive than MOD coils, and tend to not last as long, especially in the hands of inexperienced vapers. If your device has the option to turn down the wattage, turn it down and watch your coils last a lot longer.

If you've a device with no customize-able settings, or you're new to the world of vaping, give it time. If you do have a device that allows you to change the amount of wattage you're using, turn it down! Whether you're using pre-built coils or a MOD head with your own custom coils, you'll be pleased with the amount of life you'll be giving your device, and the amount of money you'll be saving on juice, coils, and wicking, without sacrificing flavor. Save cash, keep it low!

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