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You Should Always Check Your Build on an Ohm Reader

Posted by David Nadel on

Stepping into the world of advanced personal vaping units can be empowering. Make sure test your ohm resistance and have a good understanding of its meaning. If you don't do this on a regular basis, there could be problems. Researching which batteries go best with your coils is a great foundation for your device. Your battery has amperage and voltage ratings and each of these ratings correspond with ohm resistance.

Amp capacity, voltage, and ohm resistance are what this is about. Your coil is made of resistant wire, you battery send power through that wire and it’s the resistance that makes the coil heat up. Depending on how much resistance you give it (how low your ohm resistance is) the hotter the coil gets. So, this is the rule, the lower the number the hotter the coil.

Go down to the electronics store and get a multimeter as your main tool for these tests. This is a simple tool to use and when unsure of your battery power, check the battery with your multi-meter. Do this often, until you feel comfortable. After that, do it periodically to make sure you are getting the right settings. For example, say you take a reading one-day and it is 0.5 and then the next day it has jumped to 2.0 or higher, you know you have a problem. Having a few batteries on hand is always a smart move.

The more you understand ohm resistance and integrate this is to your builds and daily use, the safer and more controlled your vape will be. Many coil heads are listed as 1.5 ohms or higher, electrical devices have safety protocols that need to be followed. If you are making your own coil, follow these protocols. There are many ohm charts and conversion calculators out there, us them, they will help.

Understand that an ohm is a unit of measurement that indicates the resistance to the flow of current. There is no “perfect” ohm resistance, this is a personal thing for your own style, taste and vape needs. Your ability to set this resistance allows you to control the coils reaction to the e-juice applied.

The relationship between batteries (remember not all batteries are made the same), volts, amps, coil ohms must be monitored for many reasons; safety, taste and longevity of your mod. Take the time to understand these units of measure and how they play into your personal vaping needs. Take the time to test your own preferences inside the parameters of safe usage.

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