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How Vapers Can Recycle Vape Supplies

Posted by David Nadel on

Today let's look at how vapers can recycle e-juice bottles, coils, wicking, and batteries.

First: e-liquid bottles. However you choose to recycle your empties be sure to rinse them out. E-juice bottles are plentiful; and they are as easy to recycle as they would be to throw away. Many neighborhoods have their own curbside pickup of waste specifically meant to be recycled; and they'll take e-liquid bottles along with other recyclables. If this isn't available where you live there are many resources available that will point you to where to take items you wish to recycle, such as http://www.iwanttoberecycled.org/learn where you enter your zip code to be directed to a local recycling facility.

Some vape-shops now take part in recycling efforts and let customers drop off empty plastic and glass bottles. This is something to ask the folks at your local shop.

Also: E-liquid empties can be washed out and reused. This is common amongst those who brew their own e-juice. Of course they might also come in handy for non-vaping related uses.

Second: replaceable coils. A coil that's bound for the waste basket can be sent for recycling wherever metals are recycled in your area. You'll want to be sure it's clean and separate from other waste. With metals, as with glass and plastic; online resources such as http://www.iwanttoberecycled.org can help anyone who isn’t sure where to go.

Coils, like e-juice bottles, can also be reused: some suggest soaking them in water with a non-toxic cleanser for a day, rinsing them, and letting them dry before replacing the wicking to make them good as new. Wicking is available in a 100% cotton variety which is fully biodegradable.

Dripper units tend to have a longer life span than replaceable coils; with only the wicking being replaced from time to time. Dripper components will generally be made of metal; which can be recycled along with other metals.

Third: batteries. Many communities have curbside pickup. Call first to see if they have specific pickup times, and many waste management companies will have special instructions for preparing your dead batteries for pick-up. Some manufacturers of batteries used for vaping will now include information on sending used batteries back for recycling, so it’s worth a look at the instructions that came with the battery or the manufacturer’s website. Also; http://www.call2recycle.org can find a local recycling facility.

The practice of recycling vape-supplies is growing and it's just as easy to recycle as it would be to throw away used or broken supplies. It helps cut back on environmental pollution which ends up being healthier for everyone.

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