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Healthy Vaping Habits

Posted by Andrew Gonzalez on

As the vaping industry continues to take the world by storm and more evidence still suggests it is a much safer alternative to tobacco products there are still some tips and habits you should incorporate into your vaping routine to avoid discomfort, over-drying and dehydration. There is a balance to everything including cloud chasing.

Let’s talk about the most obvious effect of vaping; dehydration. Propylene glycol is the culprit behind many vapers’ quenched thirst, especially new vapers. There is a simple and obvious solution which is drink more fluids. At the very least carry a bottle of water in one hand and your vape mod in the other. If you want to be extremely prepared then carry a bottle of Gatorade with you during your vape sessions, although be careful in choosing the flavor as it may interfere with the taste of the ejuice you’re vaping on.

New evidence has recently come to light that you should not exhale vapor out through your nose. Exhaling out of your nose may cause severe dryness and possibly peeling of the inside of your nostrils if you exhale out of your nose often, and in extreme cases can cause nosebleeds. Propylene glycol is again the cause of this dehydration in the follicles inside your nose which may also cause temporary loss of smell. There are a few remedies for this such as rubbing a bit of Vaseline inside your nostrils if you are already experiencing any of the aforementioned symptoms. The best remedy however is prevention. Simply put; don’t fuggin exhale out of your nose! Only out of your mouth.

Final habit to pick up while vaping is to every once in awhile give your lungs a rest. Many do not know this but taking in huge pulls of oxygen can cause your lungs to expand so much that they can bruise or, in extreme cases, break a rib! There is only so much room your rib cage packed with many other organs. Also, the more you vape the more you are taxing your lungs. So every once in awhile, whether it be a couple hours or days in between, put the mod down and enjoy other parts of life while your lungs recuperate from the constant pulls and exhaling.

So remember Fuggers; stay hydrated, don’t exhale vapor out of your nose and give your lungs a rest!

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