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Vaping Before the Gym

Posted by David Nadel on

If you are a vaper who frequents the gym, you may be curious about the effect it has on the efficiency of your workout. We all know that smoking will hinder your ability to have prolonged sessions, but what about vaping? Whether you're just starting with a disposable e-cigarette or you're an experienced vaper with an advanced e-cigarette, vaporizer (e-liquid or herbal) or even a MOD, you've at one time or another been curious as to the side effects of vaping in regards to the effect it has on your gym routine.

Heart Rate
All nicotine products are known to raise your heart rate, which at first glance may be seen as a negative but generally speaking this is exactly what you want during a workout. An improved heart rate increases blood flow to the muscles, for which you'll be focusing on during your workout. Thus, allowing oxygen to reach those parts of your body at a faster rate. Taking a puff or two from your vaping device before a workout is both physically and mentally beneficial to your workout. However, after a hard session in the gym, your body may benefit more from a nice meal and some fresh air rather than another session with your device..

Respiratory Issues
In the above paragraph I talked about how nicotine can mentally prepare you for a workout and how it physically benefits your heart rate but what about your lungs? Everyone knows that smoking's bad for your lungs, and while being miles ahead of smoking, vaping can still have some negative impact on the lungs of some people. If you plan on doing a heavy cardio routine, then it may be in your best interest to not vape prior to your exercise. Not only prior to your workout, but after, you may experience heavy breathing after a cardio session, and vaping afterwards is most likely not going to have a positive influence on your lungs and the comfort you desire afterwards.

If you're worried about vaping interfering with your proficiency, my advice is to forget about it. If you were previously a smoker who switched to vaping, then you already know that it's a big improvement physically. If you're a first time nicotine user who just picked up vaping, you've noticed that nothing gets your more amped up for your workout then a few puffs from your device before entering the weight room. However, fatigue is different for everyone and only you can decide if vaping hinders your cardio.

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