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Get On The MOD Train

Posted by David Nadel on

Years ago, there was very little in the way of offerings for people looking to vape, either for vaping itself or to quit smoking cigarettes. Technology has finally caught up to vaping, though, and now there are unlimited possibilities especially in the world of MODs. Whether regulated or mechanical, MODs offer a level of customization that's rapidly drawing people away from other methods of vaping, but especially with the newest generation of vapers out there. Let's look into why this is.

A MOD is almost unlike any other device on the planet for producing vapor. You can purchase a starter kit with everything you need, purchase the pieces individually (battery, tank, atomizer, drip tip, etc). The possibilities and combinations are essentially endless from MOD that produce epic clouds, great flavor, strong throat hit, or a combination of the three.

Because the "new generation" of vapers grew up with a lot of technology in their lives, are proficient at using social media, forums and other networking tools like Reddit and YouTube, and are used to a more pronounced sense of instant gratification (none of which are negatives, in this piece's opinion), they're more likely to forge their own path and do their own thing. It doesn't fit well to go with the pack for a vaper using a MOD, because it's so easy to get it exactly the way you want it - right down to the color combination.

Mechanical MODs are probably the fastest growing area in the world of vaping, as they offer the vaper a simple and elegant tool. Because it's only comprised of battery, power source, tank, atomizer, and air flow device, there's less room for problems deriving from operating. These are excellent for sub-ohm vaping, which's an advanced concept only for those with a great understanding of Ohm's Law. One of the only drawbacks to a Mech MOD is that there's a small risk of battery malfunction because there's nothing between the power source and the trigger for the atomizer - but again that risk is very small.

Regulated or Digital MODs are a little more easy to use. These often have a digital readout that gives information on battery level, power output, etc. Because it has a circuit board between the battery and trigger, these are considered a little more "safe," but are becoming slightly less popular than the Mech MOD because they're ever so slightly less customizeable.

No matter what a vaper is looking for, they're sure to find it in a MOD setup. It'd be a surprise if within the next few years, the MOD becomes the primary source of vapor production for people seeking to vape. E-cigarettes and vape pens might see a steady decline in popularity to the MOD because it is simply so easy to use, customize, and personalize.

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