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Posted by Martin Berenfus on

What ever happened to the real deals and discounts for the customers who spend sooooo much money on their vaping merchant every year? It seems like nowadays every website is only willing to give you a 10% or maybe 15% off code and sending you on your merry way. Once in a blue moon they will do a 20% off deal but how long do you have to wait for those? Probably all year. That's why we here at Fuggin Vapor, decided to give back to the customers that keep us going the best we can by slashing all our premium e-juices by a whopping 30% OFF!!!! 


Folks this is not a gimmick, there is no catch, and you don't mail in a rebate card! It's not a flash sale so every time you're looking for new premium e-juice, you know you can count on us to get the best deal around. These are cold, hard savings were providing everyone to show we care about converting all those smokers out there to vapers and also keeping our vapers happy with the best e-juice around at the most affordable prices in the industry. 


So what are y'all waiting for? The items won't add themselves to the cart! Head over to FugginVapor.com and start buying your premium e-juice at the lowest prices you've ever seen!

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