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Vaping: Keep Your Drags Shorter

Posted by David Nadel on

Let's consider for a moment the cost of someone's vaping habit. A 15mL bottle of e-juice, the equivalent of a carton of cigarettes, costs $10 – $15. Most high-quality vaping starter kits are in the $40 to $80 range. Then there's the cost of replacement parts like your atomizer and adjustable coils. The point here being is that vaping is not necessarily a cheap activity, and anybody trying to keep their tank filled and their coils hot without having to constantly replace parts might want to consider taking a more conservative approach to their e-cig drags.

Most people might associate longer drags with bigger clouds, but this isn't always the case. For instance, instead of ripping your device with every ounce of your lung capacity, try taking a couple of primer puffs in quick succession. You'll still be able to fill your lungs with all of the desired vapor without putting a lot of unnecessary stress on your device. This kind of alleviation on your e-cig would mean a longer lifespan for the different replaceable parts.

It's also crucially important to consider what type of atomizer you're using for your device. Each atty differs wildly in how they produce flavor versus cloud strength. I would recommend using a 510 atomizer or a Low Resistance 510 atomizer for the best cloud results, even with those shorter primer puffs. In this way you'll be able to save money in the long run, and still produce the thickest of vape at the same time.

A good vapor is one who always stays aware of how much e-juice is in the tank. If your dragging at the device too hard you run the risk of running the tank dry. If you begin to notice a bad taste or thin clouds then it's time to refill the juice. Of course, the frequency in which you do this can be drastically decreased by your inhale approach. Shorter puffs means a longer lifespan on what's in the tank.

The last thing to consider is how your puffs might affect the health of your lungs. Along with potentially destroying your device, those long drags puts your health at an ever-increasing risk of deterioration. While no one's denying the relative benefits to vaping versus cigarette smoking, you're still taking in nicotine and water vapor which runs the risk of pneumonia and decreased lung capacity. So it seems that, all in all, shorter drags produce a net positive result.

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