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4 'Fuggin' Battery Safety Tips

Posted by David Nadel on

E-cigarettes are by far a great alternative to the common cigarettes that have been in use for quite some time. With the realization that e-cigs are a better alternative, they require proper maintenance. Once you get the know how on going about vaping, you'll be more confident with the process. After picking an e-cigarettes setup, the most important thing you need to know is how to go about vaping safely. Thus, you need to know about your batteries’ operation; the safe way to use them, the operational limits, and other important tidbits.

This article informs you on the safety tips on the use and maintenance of your e-cigarettes’ (not vaporizers or MODs) batteries:

Battery Safety Tip #1: Use the Charger Specifically Designed for Your Battery
Most battery explosions from e-cigarettes happen simply due to use of the wrong charger. You might be thinking that if a battery fits a charger then it should be okay to use it. This is a wrong mentality as the specifications for the battery often vary from different the battery chargers. Therefore, to ensure safe battery use when vaping, use the correct battery chargers for your batteries. In case you have several battery chargers, it's important to label them for ease in telling them apart.

Battery Safety Tip #2: Always Attend to Your Batteries When They're Charging
Although this safety measures applies to all the devices that have rechargeable batteries, it's especially important to monitor your battery when it's on charge. However, this doesn't mean that you've to stare at your battery the whole time it's doing it. Once you plug in your charger, just keep checking it periodically to ensure that you catch any faults before they become uncontrollable. Such faults may include unsound connections which may cause sparks that if unchecked leads to huge fires

Battery Safety Tip #3:  DO NOT Overcharge Your Batteries
Once your battery charger signals that your batteries are fully charged, unplug them immediately. The essence of taking this measure is that it prevents the risk of explosion due to an electricity overflow. Another important measure to take care of is to avoid charging your battery overnight as you'll leave it unattended thus increasing the risk of explosion.

Battery Tip #4: Ensure Your Batteries Are The Right Ones For Your Atomizer
Atomizers come in a variety of resistances and rates of the batteries for safe usage. To ensure you're using the right specifications of batteries on your atomizer, it's essential to get the correct batteries from your dealer. You could also ask what specifications of batteries are safe for use on your e-cigarette. Most atomizers in the market also have a user manual and you can get this vital information from the manual. Therefore, always read the user manuals before using your atomizer.

With all the information out there and these safety tips for your batteries, you can go about your vaping enjoyably.

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