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The Perks of Employees Vaping at Work

Posted by David Nadel on

As more traditional smokers are moving towards vaping, it's about high time that institutions recognized this and allowed it in the workplace. Compared with the traditional tobacco smoking, vaping will help save a company numerous costs in terms of time and money. Also, vaping is one of the ways that companies can use in a bid to increase the productivity of its employees.

Allowing vapers to vape at their place of work means that time isn't wasted by them sneaking out to vape. Employees can take the recommended breaks and vape during such times. This increases the total tasks that're accomplished by an employee in a day. Also, the nicotine contained in e-liquids can assist in boosting energy and concentration levels of employees. Therefore, enabling them to do more in a shorter span of time.

Another way in which allowing vaping in the workplace increases productivity is by boosting employees’ morale. Employees give their all to a company where they're made to feel part and parcel. Also, by allowing vaping, employees feel more trusted to make the right decisions and hence put even more effort in their assignments

Allowing vaping in the workplace is one of the ways in which employers can ensure cost-saving measures in the company. First, by allowing vaping, they'll be encouraging even smokers to neglect smoking and possibly start vaping. This way, less cases of employees sick from tobacco smoking are reduced. This means that the expenses used to cater for sick employees would possibly drop significantly.

Now, if companies allowed their employees to vape in the workplace, there'd be a significant drop in the number of absenteeism. Particularly, for employees who've to visit healthcare due to smoking-related illnesses. This reduces costs for hiring temporal employees so as to cover for the absent employees.

Next, vaping enables a company to save on the cost of cleaning. Unlike smoking, vaping doesn't leave butts which're littered all around the office. This reduces the need to hire professional cleaning services every now and then.

Allowing vaping in the workplace may be one of the ways in which a company can reduce employee turn-over. Employees will feel more appreciated if they're allowed to vape in the workplace. Therefore, they'll be more appreciative of their working conditions and won't leave the organization in search of somewhere they're allowed to vape. Remember, retaining talent and employees in an organization is way cheaper than recruiting new employees. And besides, these are adults, so treat them as such.

Allowing vaping in the workplace can be a great advantage to a company. However, this can only be achieved if the company sets some clear guidelines and policies about vaping. Remember, not every employee is into vaping. Such employees should not be made to feel less important or discriminated by allowing vaping in the workplace. Therefore, before considering to allow this into your organization, consider how the non-vapers will be affected and how this will in turn affect the company as a whole.

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