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What The 'Fug' is Steeping?

Posted by David Nadel on

Steeping is bringing a lot of controversy to the world of vaping. Questions are flowing in fast, what's steeping and why's everyone doing it?

What’s All the Buzz About?
So many people have their own idea on how steeping is supposed to be done, and what it is to begin with. Steeping is taking a solid and soaking it in a liquid to extract the flavors and soften it. Our parents and ancestors have been steeping tea for ages, but now our generation is starting a new trend with steeping e-liquid. Of all the ways to steep it, the most common way is to introduce oxygen to the opened bottle effecting the flavor and making the juice richer. Some use heat to help with this process but that’s totally optional. With all the different varieties of steeping, its best to research different ideas before making a choice.

Process of Steeping
As stated above, steeping is the introduction of oxygen to the e-juice. Doing so allows the process of oxidation. This'll awaken the compounds that're needed to cause a reaction between the compounds and the oxygen. The process will then produce oxides into the fluid, but don’t worry, this process isn’t harmful. While the oxidation process takes place, the vulnerable components evaporate out of the liquid, thus changing the flavor of the e-juice.

So Should I Steep?
It's solely up to you, your tastes, and definitely your patience span.
I'll however warn you, steeping brings the flavor out in the juice as I stated earlier. That doesn’t mean all flavors should be steeped. Some flavors will just turn out completely gross. So be prepared to go through some trial and error of preference.

How Long Does Steeping Take?
Steeping is just like aging wine, it can take awhile for the taste to reach perfection. Fruity flavors tend to take less time while tobacco and desert flavors take the longest to reach the peak of flavor heaven. Keep in mind that if for some reason you’re in a hurry but want it perfect, using slow cookers speed the process up. Most flavors take up to two weeks at the least, so its recommended to vape taste test every week until your deliciousness is ready and just right.

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait
Steeping is pretty easy and after you've done it a few times it comes pretty natural. Just remember, take your time when it comes to steeping, as in the end, your new tasty flavor will be awarded to you because of your patience.

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