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Women Can More Than Hold Their Own In The Vaping World

Posted by David Nadel on

The current trend in the world of smoking is to give up cigarettes and pick up vaping. More women are quitting cigarettes and heading towards vaping, as studies show. Recent studies have shown that vaping is more popular with women, having 53% of the vapers around the world be females. There are many key factors to why women have been so interested in vaping. They easily can hold their own in the world of vaping and it's due not only to their large numbers but their distinct reasons for vaping instead of smoking.

Vaping women are facing an industry that seems not to be targeting to them, but more often using them as objects in advertising. This makes them seem as though they have less of a say in the vaping community, but this isn't true. These women just need to work harder to have a voice. Women are just as capable as becoming top notch at doing vapor tricks. They're able to build MODs and coils. They're even able to consume the same amount of e-liquid as men. Just overall, the notion that girls are lightweights in the world of vaping is something that's just not true.

Women need to stand together to hold their own in the vaping world. This'll better help them to have a voice in the industry. Right now, they may be being looked over by larger corporations, but they need to be heard. For example, girls who're amazing at doing vape tricks could infiltrate social media more to better represent their community. This public attention would let people know that there are girls out there who are also killing it in the vape game. Small things like emails to companies, comments on videos, and opinions being given at vape shops, are all things that can be done to let a woman's voice be heard more.

Women have been proving for years on social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and Vine that they can more than hold their own when it comes to vaping. The tricks that they're able to pull off are just as good if not better than those of most of the men in the industry. Women have a great community following that's encouraging them to be outgoing with their vape skills. You can see in the videos and pictures that there's no difference between the tolerance in vaping between a man and a woman. It really just depends on the individual and the amount of experience. Women are just as capable as men of getting this experience and becoming incredible vapers.

Overall it seems as thought the vaping industry cannot ignore the majority of vapers out there. With current trends moving upwards, it seems as though there will be even a bigger majority of females who vape in the years to come. This'll create a larger need for these vape companies to start advertising and designing product lines developed towards women vapers.

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