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Entering The World of Temperature Control MODs

Posted by David Nadel on


Vaping is best thing that ever happened for smokers. It has created an opportunity for them to enjoy the same experience but with less safety hazards. Since its inception, there have been numerous advancements and innovations in it. This has been particularly to enhance the vaping experience and increase the safety of the vapers and those around them. Not long ago, we saw an advancement in MODs where they now have temperature control.

For those that don't know, MODs are high wattage devices that allow vapers to try sub-ohm vaping. Sub-ohm vaping just heightens the vaping experience. Vapers who use mods for this are able to produce clouds thick as they like. Also, one is able to obtain a greater throat hit than in vaping with the regular e-cigarettes. However, for this to happen, very low resistance is required and therefore, the coils are prone to getting burnt. Therefore, it's a blessing that the temp control evolution is here.

MODs with temperature work by sensing if the coils are saturated or not. If the coils are saturated, then the mod releases just enough current to heat up the flavor. Therefore, this prevents the vaper from experiencing burnt coils and in turn a burnt flavor. Temperature control feature in mods can be said to enhance the vaping experience of sub-ohm vapers. Also, it saves time for these vapers. This is because they do not have to be constantly building new coils.

This advancement has also enhanced the safety of vapers who use them. Remember, that due to the low resistance in these devices, if not used properly, they could easily explode. However, with this evolution, worrying about excessive current is a thing of the past. This is a great thing as now every vaper can use MODs easily. You don’t have to be that experienced in it.

The first temperature control MOD came with an inbuilt temp control feature that could not be adjusted. However, right now, MODs have a temp control feature that can be adjusted according to the needs of the vaper.

The vaping world has evolved so much in a short time and is continuing to evolve. The main aim of this advancements including temperature control is to enhance the vaping experience of vapers and to increase their safety and that of their devices. This is all to help smokers easily adjust in to vaping.

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