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Have Some "Fuggin" Patience When Switching to Vaping

Posted by David Nadel on

Transitioning from traditional tobacco smoking to vaping isn't as easy as it sounds. It requires that one be patient, and very patient for that matter. This is because the transitioning will require that you follow a certain adjustment curve in order for you not to slip back to smoking. Sometimes you'll miss smoking, but with patience, in the long run, it'll be worthwhile.

When you first start vaping, your experience will vary depending on the kind of device you're using. If you use the regular e-cigarettes, you may take some time to adjust to vaping because the regular e-cigarettes only expose you to a constant vaping experience which may be monotonous at times. However, if you're willing to go further and try out MODs immediately, then you're likely to adjust to vaping much faster. Besides, MODs allow variable voltages where you can change the voltages as desired in order to heighten your vaping experience.

As you transition to vaping, you'll require patience as your body will require some time to adjust. But, the length of time taken to adjust is dependent on a number of factors. For new vapers who initially smoked a lot, they might experience problems being satisfied by vaping. They might not get the desired nicotine effect from vaping. Only certain levels of nicotine concentration are recommended. And this may not be enough for such transitioning smokers.

The flavors may also be another factor affecting the time taken to transition. Smoking is known to ruin your taste buds. Therefore, achieving the desired throat hit may be a problem. However, if you mix the flavors or interchange them, you just might be able to shock your taste buds. Also, make a point of brushing regularly to get rid of the gunk that prevents flavor from reaching your taste buds.

Another factor that affects the length of time taken adjust may be the base used by different individuals. Both PG and VG have different effects on the vaping experience. However, some vapers may be restricted to only one of the bases as they may be allergic to the other. Therefore, they might take time to really enjoy the vaping experience.

Being out of the comfort zone has never been easy. The same goes for transitioning from smoking to vaping. Sometimes you might slip back to smoking, but this is no cause to be hard on yourself. Understanding the greater goal of the change and writing down some vaping goals tpo be achieved every time along with patience will go a long way in helping you adjust.

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