Tips to Avoid Attempting to Inhale Vapor Too Quickly

Tips to Avoid Attempting to Inhale Vapor Too Quickly

February 20, 2018

Don’t get discouraged. Many people new to vaping reject the activity too quickly because of frustration and challenges caused by inhaling too quickly. Fear not! Vaping may still be an activity for you, if you but take a few minutes to understand how to correctly inhale.

Few people new to vaping understand that inhaling the vapor is unlike any other kind of smoke inhaling they may have done before. Indeed, though a growing activity, many people new to vaping have not even seen many other vapers practicing the art. This often leads to inhaling the vapor too quickly.

If you're a convert from cigarette smoking, you probably think you are just changing the method of conveying the nicotine. If most of your life experience is in watching standard cigarette smokers, you may try to imitate their system when you begin to vape. Both of these approaches result in inhaling vapor inappropriately.

Wall, what is wrong with that? Why can’t each practitioner vape as they see fit? Ah, there’s the issue. Why not go ahead and vape anyway you want?

Simple answer: you don't properly absorb the nicotine if you vape incorrectly; additionally, you may actually burn yourself or set off unpleasant coughing fits by inhaling incorrectly. You don’t need to take a vaping certificate to learn this methodology, but you do need to take a few minutes to understand how to use the equipment and how to inhale.

Say Good-by to Short Quick Puffs
Not appropriate for vaping. Vapor is thicker than cigarette smoke; it doesn’t move as quickly. When you attempt short, quick puffs, you are often frustrated in that you can’t take in enough vapor or your muscles are already starting the next puff before you have had time to exhale the first. Vaping is a smoother, slower art.

Learn Slow, Long Inhales
Practice slow inhales and exhales without any vapor or smoke. You are training yourself for vaping. Visualize the vapor slowly entering and exiting. Until you can do this each time you vape, practice a few times before each vape secession. You will learn the habit quickly which will be reinforced by how much easier vaping is as a result.

Lung Filling is Not Necessary
Primarily because so many vapers these days are converted cigarette smokers, they tend to inhale the vapor into their lungs; this is not necessary not really advisable. First, vapor is heavier and hotter than cigarette smoke so the lungs are not happy receiving it. Secondly, it’s not necessary; the vapor fully conveys the flavor and nicotine through your mouth; you don’t need to pull it into your lungs for full effect. Thirdly, the best way to enjoy vapor is to hold it in your mouth and savor the flavoring.

Learn to Use Your Atomizer
Your atomizer has a resistance adjuster measured in Ohms. All you need to master about this is that lower Ohms generally lead to hotter vapor. As time passes, you will know how hot you like your vapor. As someone new to vaping, set this higher for a cooler smoke so you can master your inhaling technique without experiencing any mouth burning.

Compatible Flavors
There are a myriad of e-juice flavors available for your vaping pleasure here at Fuggin Vapor. Though few will actually cause any kind of real allergic reaction, some may be more compatible with your chemistry than others. Experiment until you find flavors that enable you to inhale without difficulty.

Vaping is an art that takes a bit of effort to learn. However, many fans of vaping find that not only do they enjoy the activity, but they prefer it to all other forms of smoking and you may have this luck as well with just a little attention.

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