5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Vaping Experience

5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Vaping Experience

February 20, 2018


Those new to the whole vaping process need to understand the basics of vaping dynamics if they are to avoid the worst possibilities. But even those with plenty of experience can sometimes make rookie errors. In order to avoid all this and enjoy the best vaping experience possible, following are some important “How To’s”.

Keeping these in mind and practice will help you better enjoy this enjoyable activity.

Tip #1: Keeping the Coils Clean

This is cardinal rule No. 1 of vaping: Keep your coils clean. Even after plenty of research into the product, many new vapers still overlook this important point. The coil itself is the single most important element of your vaping apparatus and they must be replaced at regular intervals.

So, if you haven't already, you will want to order some replacement coils from Fuggin Vapor for your device. Furthermore, you will only want to select a vapor that has a decent price on replacement coils. You will need to replace these every couple of days or weeks depending on how much vaping you do regularly. The VG/PG mix in the e-juice or the clarity and cleanliness of your vaping are other factors that will affect the frequency of coil replacements.

There are specific e-juices that will gunk up your coils faster than others. In fact, you don't even have to be vaping, just let it sit and the coils will collect gunk. The takeaway here is this, buy plenty of spares and be prepared to change them out every time you taste a change or notice a discoloration in the juice tank.

Tip #2: Develop Proper Filling Technique

Properly filling your vape's tank is essential to the longevity of the apparatus as well as the superior vaping experience. The first thing you will need to do is learn all about the system you are using and how this process is completed. There are top-fill tanks, or tanks that can be filled from either top or bottom.

There is only one way to do this right, and many ways to mess up the process altogether. Even the most experienced vaper can feel like a noob when it comes to this. The best thing to do will be to buy an apparatus that has a clear demonstration of the process. It would also be great if the process is simple and something you believe you can handle without a hitch.

This requires more than simply dumping e-juice into the tank. The last thing you will want is e-juice dripping into areas it ought not. Keep e-juice from entering the air cylinder. If this were to happen, you will get some nasty surprises when you inhale the vapor and some drips of e-juice as well. Not pleasant.

Tip #3: Avoiding the “Dry Hit”

This happens when the special cotton that holds the e-juice around the coils is not fully soaked with e-juice when the coils are activated. This means that rather than vaporizing e-juice, you are simply burning cotton and this can be highly unpleasant.

Avoidance is the best policy, so simply make sure that you keep your wick and coils completely drenched in e-juice before you reassemble the apparatus and fire it up, so to speak. Then after you have, allow the tank and vaping apparatus to sit and soak for about 10 minutes before use. The longer the better, don't rush it and enjoy your vaping.

Tip #4: Ghost Flavors

The ghost of e-juices past can come alive to adversely affect the present. While this is not an awful experience, the most fastidious vapers will notice the difference and it can detract from the pleasure of vaping.

Flavor ghosting is a cool sounding term for the presence of two very different flavors of e-juice contaminating the tanks, coils and cotton. One flavor will absorb into the tank and cotton and even onto the coil. Slightly more expensive vaping units feature Pyrex, aluminum or glass tanks that don't absorb the flavors of an e-juice as much as plastic tanks will. But, the coils and cotton will absorb the flavors to some extent no matter what.

This bids the important question, “So, what are you supposed to do if you want to try a new flavor?” “Can your coils and cotton be cleaned from ghostly residue?”

If you would like to try new flavors, the best thing to do is to take the experience in long strides. You will want to change the coils and cotton on the device every time you add a new flavor to it. To ensure the most cost-effective way of doing this, most vapers will vape one specific e-juice until the cotton, coils and juice need to be changed, then all can be changed in one shot.

Again, making sure your apparatus is fitted with a Pyrex tank will ensure the smallest vestiges of the previous e-juice are gone before you vape.

But, remember that experimentation is the first rule of discovery and invention. Many vapers have found their favorite e-juice is actually a mixture of two or three e-juices. If you would like to begin experimenting, you can add some new e-juice to the tank before cleaning it. Then, if your coils and cotton are not due for changing, they can be cleaned under warm water to remove most of the e-juice. This does take some time and experience to get right.

Tip #5: Vaper's Tongue

Those who are exceptionally fond of the habit and “chain-vape” can have the efficacy of their taste buds affected and begin to not notice the different flavors they are experiencing. Those that vape especially pronounced e-juices also notice this anomaly.

This is actually very easy to counter. You can stop vaping for a few days, or you can change out your favorite vaping e-juice for a different variety of flavors, perhaps something less potent to what you are used to. This will allow your tongue to regain a measure of sensitivity and detect the subtle nuances of your favorite e-juice.

The best way to make sure that your vaping experience is enjoyable and satisfying is to gain a good understanding of your equipment and how it works. Taking the time to investigate about the particulars of your specific apparatus, will keep you from hitting the considerably unpleasant learning curve associated with vaping.

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