3 Main Tips To  Hold Your MOD Like A Vaping Pro

3 Main Tips To Hold Your MOD Like A Vaping Pro

February 20, 2018


MODs are very popular among vapers. After one has learned and mastered the art of rebuilding coils, using MODs are usually the next step. These devices, unlike e-cigarettes, do not limit you to a certain coil resistance. And, because of their ability to hold even the lowest of resistance, they're excellent in vapor production. You won't get vapor and flavor quality like you can with a MOD.

Before you start using a MOD, it's important that you learn the rules of Ohm's Law and your battery limit. Also, ensure that you know how to hold your device right so you can get the most out of it. With that said, if you're new to the world of modding, and are confused for how you should hold this device, here are a few tips.

Holding at an Angle

  • 45 Degrees Angle

You can tilt your MOD so that it's at 45 degree angle from your mouth. This method is appropriate for MODs that have wicking materials which do not easily saturate. By tilting your device in this angle, you'll be helping your wicking absorb the e-liquid faster.

  • Horizontal or Vertical

You can hold your mod vertically or horizontally. That is only if you feel comfortable.

Grip The Base on Body of Your MOD

Holding your MOD can also be determined by the shape of it. With most MODs having a round body, it becomes so easy to hold them in your palms. You can hold the MOD such that the battery side (which is usually wider), is inside your pals and your fingers rest on the other side.

Weight Distribution Method

This method is for modders who want to achieve comfort while vaping. The weight distribution method makes your MOD feel lighter in your hands, and hence can be held for longer periods of time. Check whether your battery area is heavier than the tank. Then, place your hands concentrating on the heavier part. This won't feel like the device is too heavy for your hands and likewise you won't be in a position to regulate the juice flow.

When it comes to holding a MOD, as long as you're comfortable and are not holding the device upside down, that's all that really matters. The above methods are just suggestions to increase your comfort and enhance your vaping experience. Modding should be the best experience, and if you have learned all about the safety measures, not even your grip should come in the way of an awesome experience.

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