Naked 100's Back with Some New Vape Juice Flavors!

Naked 100's Back with Some New Vape Juice Flavors!

February 20, 2018

Naked 100 is back with some delicious new flavors! For a limited time, you can try all their brand new Snozz & USA Vape Lab Menthol lines today here at Fuggin Vapor! Snozz Berry has been the talk of the office this week, bringing delicious notes of freshly-picked, ripe and magical berries. Similarly, their brand new fresh menthol flavors are winning vape enthusiasts over with ice-cold and satisfying flavor.

USA Vape Lab Menthol Flavors

Naked 100's new menthol flavors are exactly what you need if you crave cold, minty vape juices that are blended to perfection. 

Arctic Blizzard Vape Juice

Naked 100 has boldly delivered a pure menthol vape juice that is as chilling as it gets. For true menthol fanatics, this exquisite liquid is a must-have. On the inhale, a cold blast of unadulterated menthol will wash over the tongue. On the exhale, that menthol flavor intensifies, leaving you feeling as refreshed as can be.

Strawberry Watermelon Vape Juice

This yummy vape juice blends strawberry and watermelon flavors with a chilling blast of menthol. As you inhale, strawberry and watermelon provide the taste buds with sweet and tangy fruit flavors that quench the thirst. On the exhale, a stunning hit of cold menthol cools down the vaping palate.

Menthole Honeydew Melon Vape Juice

Naked 100's Menthole Honeydew Melon vape juice is a carefully-crafted blend of ripe honeydew melon and cold menthol flavor. This juice is exquisitely balanced, providing the palate with sweet and tangy fruit flavor and minty freshness. As you inhale, you'll enjoy a burst of ripe honeydew melon on the tongue. On the exhale, cold menthol will refresh you instantly.

Snozz Flavors

Snozz is Naked 100's delicately-crafted blend of luscious berries. While only the renowned brand knows exactly what goes into this yummy fruity blend, vape enthusiasts around the world know that this flavor is exactly what their taste buds crave.

SnozzBerry Vape Juice

SnozzBerry from Naked 100 is a stunning blend of sweet, tart and tangy berries that satisfy the palate on impact. On the inhale, tangy and tart notes from a variety of berries dance on the tongue. On the exhale, pure berry sweetness gives the sweet tooth a burst of fresh and sugary delight.

Snozz Creme Vape Juice

Snozz Creme vape juice by Naked 100 takes the SnozzBerry taste that vape enthusiasts can't get enough of and drenches it in silky, luxurious cream. On the inhale, a variety of luscious berries hit the tongue. On the exhale, smooth and creamy goodness satisfies in every way.

If you are a Naked 100 E-Liquid fanatic, you must treat yourself to these new flavors. As expected, Naked 100's newest flavor blends use the very best ingredients to deliver unparalleled pleasure to vape enthusiasts around the world.