February 20, 2018

Something about the taste of sugary, sticky taffy makes everyone feel like a kid again. Biting into a piece of gooey taffy makes the sweet tooth tingle with excitement as that refreshing fruity taste washes over the taste buds. If you still salivate when you think about tasty taffy, it's time to try Melon Taffy Madness vape juice from Fuggin EJuice. This e-liquid delivers that explosive taste without any of the sugar or calories. After one puff, your inner child will be jumping for joy.

Melon Taffy Madness Vape Juice by Fuggin Vapor

What happens when you blend the sweetest taffy flavor with cool, refreshing watermelon? Well, you get Melon Taffy Madness vape juice by Fuggin Ejuice. This outstanding candy flavor is as juicy as it is sugary, delighting the taste buds in every way. Each puff is guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth's most sinful cravings as that delicious watermelon taste quenches your thirst.

With each inhale of Melon Taffy Madness vape juice, juicy watermelon flavor bursts onto the tongue, tantalizing your taste buds and leaving you feeling deeply refreshed. Then, on the exhale, sugary taffy flavor delights your inner child with its sweet taste.

Melon Taffy Madness vape juice by Fuggin EJuice arrives in a 120ml unicorn bottle that has a childproof twist-off cap. The juice's 80 percent vegetable glycerin (VG) and 20 percent propylene glycol (PG) base allows you to exhale big, fluffy clouds. This base also ensures a super smooth flavor on the inhale. Melon Taffy Madness vape juice is available in five different nicotine strengths.

Like all the vape juices from Fuggin Vapor's collection, Melon Taffy Madness is made with food grade ingredients that are manufactured in the United States of America. This ensures a high-quality product that's full of delicious flavor. Thanks to the brand's dedication to delivering the best e-juice products on the planet, you'll be able to vape Melon Taffy Madness e-liquid all day long without any unpleasant synthetic aftertaste.

Let The “Melon Madness” Take Control!

If your taste buds long for those fruity taffy candies from childhood, it's time to pick up Melon Taffy Madness vape juice by Fuggin EJuice. Melon taffy e-liquid is going to blow away your taste buds with juicy candy flavor.