GRAPE 100ML by Jam Monster

GRAPE 100ML by Jam Monster

February 20, 2018


If you're one of those people who could eat luscious jam by the spoonful, you are in for a treat. Jam Monster, based in Orlando, Florida, has presented us with Grape vape juice, the newest addition to their line of jam-inspired e-juices. Grape vape juice delivers that sugary and slightly tangy grape jam flavor that you crave with undertones of savory buttered toast. This is one breakfast treat that you will want to vape well into the evening hours.

Grape Vape Juice by Jam Monster

When Fresh Juice Co released Jam Monster, a series of jam-flavored e-juices, vape enthusiasts discovered a new way to enjoy their favorite breakfast treat. This brand delivers the exact taste of a warm piece of toasted bread that's been gloriously slathered in melted butter and sweet, fruity jam. For Grape vape juice, they have given us that delightful taste combination that explodes with juicy grape flavor. 

Grape vape juice is made with the highest-quality food grade ingredients. Therefore, each inhale and exhale of Grape vape juice is full of quality flavor. You will find yourself puffing away for hours as you enjoy the authentic taste of this yummy snack.

With each inhale of Grape vape juice by Jam Monster, that classic grape jam flavor washes over your taste buds instantly. You will enjoy the taste of ripe grapes that have been stewed for hours with loads of sweet sugar. On the exhale, the satisfyingly savory taste of buttered toast will balance out the sweetness of the jam perfectly.

Grape vape juice by Jam Monster is available in a 100ml chubby gorilla bottle, allowing you to easily refill your tank without making a mess. The 75 percent vegetable glycerin (VG) and 25 percent propylene glycol (PG) base is excellent for vape enthusiasts who want to chase fluffy clouds all day long. This base also ensures a nice hit to the throat. Grape vape juice is available in three different nicotine levels.

Satisfying Vape Snack

No snack satisfies the taste buds while comforting the soul like a piece of toast covered in succulent jam and creamy butter. Grape vape juice by Jam Monster allows you to indulge in this yummy treat whenever you vape.