February 20, 2018


When you're at the local coffee shop, is your eye transfixed on that gloriously thick slice of pound cake that's delicately marbled with rich, luscious chocolate? If so, Fuggin Vapor has a special treat for you. By The Pound E-Liquids has added Coco vape juice to its line of outstanding pound cake flavors. After just the first puff, your taste buds will be intoxicated by buttery, sweet vanilla pound cake that's layered with delicious chocolaty goodness.

Coco Vape Juice by By The Pound E-Liquids

There's nothing like a slice buttery and moist pound cake when your taste buds are craving a dessert. That's why By The Pound E-Liquids has carefully mastered their exquisite pound cake flavor. For Coco vape juice, they've blended their signature pound cake with luxurious chocolate. The result is a flavor party that's guaranteed to make your sweet tooth sing with glee.

When you inhale Coco vape juice, a swirl of rich vanilla and indulgent chocolate will wash over your taste buds, putting a smile on your face instantly. As the flavor sits on the palate, its sugary sweet taste will intensify. With each exhale, buttery pound cake flavor will delight your tongue.

By The Pound's Coco vape juice arrives in a 60ml unicorn bottle. This e-juice is available in three different nicotine strengths. Coco vape juice is made with food grade ingredients that are manufactured in the United States of America. Therefore, you can be confident that your juice order is going to be superior in flavor as well as quality. 


By The Pound has given vape enthusiasts around the world the luxury of indulging in yummy pound cake whenever they vape. Now, with Coco, chocolate lovers have a new reason to celebrate. Coco vape juice is an exquisitely balanced treat that's guaranteed to satisfy your cake cravings on impact.