February 20, 2018

Want to vape like a wizard? Butta Booze vape juice from Fuggin Ejuice is a magical flavor combination that will put a spell on your taste buds. This tasty blend of butter soda, rich butterscotch and luscious whipped cream will become your new all-day vape. Each puff of Butta Booze vape juice delivers complex layers of flavor that are completely irresistible to the sweet tooth.

Butta Booze from Fuggin Ejuice is one of those e-juices that's both refreshingly unique and extremely yummy. By combining three distinctive tastes that make our mouths water, Fuggin Ejuice has delivered an e-liquid that you won't want to take out of rotation. Thanks to the brand's dedication to using only the best ingredients, you'll enjoy a quality vape all day long.

As you inhale Butta Booze vape juice from Fuggin Ejuice, creamy and rich butter soda will flood your taste buds, satisfying you instantly with its sweet and slightly savory flavor. Then, rich and gooey butterscotch flavor will hit the sweet tooth where it counts. As you exhale, luxurious whipped cream flavor will mellow things out and leave you feeling unbelievably satiated.

Butta Booze vape juice comes in a 120 ml unicorn bottle with a unique cap for efficient refilling. This vape juice is available in five different nicotine levels. With an 80 percent vegetable glycerin (VG) and 20 percent propylene glycol (PG) base, you'll be able to chase incredibly thick clouds each time you exhale.

For a truly magical taste combination, treat yourself to a bottle of Butta Booze vape juice from Fuggin Ejuice. The brand that is renowned for exquisite flavors has delivered something deeply enchanting for your sweet tooth. If you crave the most decadent desserts imaginable, this is the e-liquid for you.

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