A Fuggin Creamy Custard Sale!!!

A Fuggin Creamy Custard Sale!!!

February 20, 2018

If you are a true vape juice connoisseur, you are familiar with the Creamy Custard collection from Fuggin Vapor. This premium e-liquid brand does rich, silky custards like no one else. Each exquisite juice from this collection is a luxurious blend of seductive creamy goodness and high-quality sweet flavors. 

Now, you can stock up on the stunning juices from the Creamy Custard collection thanks to our 35% off sale. By simply entering the code CC35 upon checkout, you will be able to enjoy these delicious e-liquids at an incredibly discounted price.

The Creamy Custard Collection from Fuggin Vapor

There's something about the Custard flavors from Fuggin Vapors that hit the spot unlike any other e-liquids out there. These vape juices contain superior ingredients that give each juice its rich and nuanced taste that vape enthusiasts crave. 

The Custard Shoppe E-Juices

The Custard Shoppe vape juices from Fuggin Vapor combine luscious custard and mouth-watering flavors like fruits and butterscotch to create exquisite dessert concoctions that are simply irresistible. 

Ethos Crispy Treats

The Ethos Crispy Treats collection consists of incredibly tempting sweets made of puffed rice cereal, creamy marshmallows and succulent fruits. Each premium e-liquid from this collection is a party for your sweet tooth.

Shake Dat Ass

Shake Dat Ass vape juice is a mind-blowing strawberry milkshake flavor that's sure to satisfy your taste buds on impact. This e-liquid blends thick, luxurious vanilla ice cream with the real taste of freshly-picked strawberries. 

And More!

Fuggin Vapor's incredibly extensive collection of exquisitely creamy e-liquids ensures that there's something for everyone. Whether your sweet tooth craves a cream-filled doughnut or a succulent cheesecake dripping with fresh berries, you're certain to find a vape juice that fulfills your most sinful dessert fantasies.

Enjoy the Savings!

If you're a fan of creamy, silky custard-based e-juices, now is your chance to stock up at an incredibly discounted price. When it comes to custard-based vape juices, Fuggin Vapor does it better than anyone else.